Alaska Native Village Corporation (ANC) Owned 8(a) certified




Our Leadership

Angayut LLC Chief Executive Officer is a retired field grade Army Medical Service Corps officer whose experiences include executive leadership, research & development management, acquisition and procurement management, DoD-level policy development, management, advocacy, oversight and outreach for all Army Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Programs including Army National Guard and Reserve activities.

Small Business Advantage

The advantages of contracting with Alaska Native Corporations (ANC) are:

  • Exempt from the competitive threshold [13 C.F.R. 124.506(b); FAR 19.805-1 (b) (2).
  • Eligible for sole source set-aside contracts for DoD generated up to $100 million dollars and Health & Human Services contracts up to $25 million dollars.
  • Eligible for special rights under the A-76 program (OBM Circular).

The 8(a) Advantage

Angayut offers the following benefits to procurement officials:

  • Direct contract awards allowed.
  • Procurement process is simplified and accelerated.
  • ANC 8(a)’s may be sole-sources DoD contracts up to $100M and HHS up to $25M. Unlike Non-tribally owned 8(a)’s, we are not subject to the $4mm cap on sole-source awards [Per 13 CFR 124.506(b)].
  • Sole-Source awards made to ANC 8(a) firms cannot be protested per 13 C.F.R. 124.517(a).


We Offer Experience Navigating Volatile Complex Policy Challenges in Federal, Tribal, State and Inter-agency Domains while also Providing Customer-Focused Solutions at the Program & Project-Execution Level of Your Most Critical Business Enterprise and Community Efforts.


Angayut has experience in Senior Agency Policy Development & Implementation as well as Strategic Communication that enabled Senior Executives to secure Inter-Agency funding, to include Congressional-funding, that ensured mission-success in their Technology, Logistics, Health, and Energy Initiatives.

Angayut also specializes in providing experienced and effective Contract and Procurement services across the spectrum of Federal Government Acquisition from Cradle to Closeout


Link Below is Public Domain Federal Government Obligation analysis of all awards in the federal register for Angayut, LLC.

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